How to Add Youtube View Using Growviews

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View on youtube is one important thing
SAFAHAD - Lately I am learning to be a YouTuber, so at the time I will share one of the tips on how to add video views on YouTube. View on YouTube is one of the important things because the more people see the video we make, the more enthusiasm we make for a new video because it means the audience appreciates our efforts. and income from YouTube is increasing.

Sometimes the first channel that we make is rarely seen or watched by youtube users, especially if our video content is mediocre, this happens because the audience prefers older YouTubers and usually on the "More Trend" radar on YouTube.

Before continuing on how to add video views on YouTube there are good friends, read the rules from YouTube on the issue of this view, click here after reading almost seven times, I can conclude that YouTube wants every video to get natural views or what it is, so I suggest that even though we can add views quickly but it's good we do it wisely so that our channel is better in the eyes of YouTube.

In this paragraph we are discussing websites that can increase the number of our views, the name of the website is growViews to enter or register on this website. The main thing is we must have a google account and of course youtube because this account will access all the videos that we have uploaded to youtube. At the beginning of registering on this website we will be given 50 credits (growviews policies and regulations may change at any time) and this credit can be used to increase the number of video views but also can like and comment.
Okay, okay, bro and sis, here are the steps to use growviews

1. Clearly register. please register directly at the site
2. Enter a youtube video that will become (say) a guinea pig ^ _ ^. Follow the steps as shown below
3. To increase credit growviews, bro and sis do not need to spend. enough by watching the available member viewgrip video. Follow the steps as shown below
4. Done ...

Okay bro and sis, that's all. One of the tips and tricks about YouTube from Mimin. if there is something to ask, please leave the question in the comments column. God willing, fast response. may be useful. ^ _ ^

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