5 Modern Computer Desk and Bookcase Designs Ideas For Your Home

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SAFAHAD - Having a modern computer desk design can be a great option for office workers. Most of the office workers need a computer to work. With computers, anything will become easy and quick.
SAFAHAD - Having a modern computer desk design can be a great option for office workers. Most of the office workers need a computer to work. With computers, anything will become easy and quick. You can find a computer in almost everywhere cause everything in these days is computerized.

Some office workers need to have some comfortable place to work. A computer desk is a must-have element in their room. So, designing a perfect computer desk should be a priority for them. Because the design of the working area could really affect the mood.

This modern computer desk design is ready to set your good mood for working. The top of the desk and its legs look so sleek. As you can see at the right side, there are some drawers which are ready to store your office tools.

I added that chic carpet into the mix to lighten up the room. The color of carpet matches all elements on that desk. I set it facing the window to get more light into the working space. Some flower at the top of the drawers can be a good accent to control your working mood.

The comfortable chair that has four wheels are perfect for your computer desk. This elegant modern design of your working space would definitely support your work one hundred percent without a doubt.

1. Modern Computer Desk designed by Manuel Saez
1. Modern Computer Desk designed by Manuel Saez
If you have more space in your home office, you can try playing chic and clean. The colorful carpet really catches your attention, doesn’t it? This office room has a simple design and the desk has a lacquer top with high gloss white color.

The desk has invisible built-in compartments. You can use it to store your phone, laptop, folders, and all of your typical office items. I bought the chair and desk separately, they look gorgeous together, right?

As you can see in the background, there are two simple racks which are really functional. You can store your books, big folders, and other items. Keeping them neat and well-arranged, anyone would feel awesome to be in this room.

2. Aira Modern Computer Desk Design
If you want something different and cool, you might need to have this clever desk design. Why it’s clever? Just look at the unique design. The beautiful design of this Airia Desk is lovely.

It also has the hidden storage that you need. The storage is actually underneath the tabletop. Well, it has more than that. As you can see, I added the elevated surface that you can use for placing your phone, iPod, or even a cup of coffee.

It comes with the small storage cabinet that is ready to manage your files and folders. The metal chair stands on its own. Instead of choosing a chair with similar design and color, I picked the metal one to make a highlight for this working space.
3. Modern Midcentury Computer Desk
Let’s go into the mid-century era. Why? Just take a look what the mid-century design has to offer. A beautiful modern desk which is surrounded by a beveled frame would definitely support your good mood in working.

There are three drawers, each drawer has its own dimension. You can keep all of your office items into the drawers according to their size. You can decorate the top with white simple accessories.

It’s designed to be flexible for both modern and traditional style of interior. Thanks to the classical and simple look of this computer desk have to offer.

4. Modern Computer And Audio Desk
A computer with a great audio is just perfect. This desk has everything you need for doing your multimedia work. The eclectic design which comes from the combination of mid-century and modern style is really charming.

The big thing about this desk is the built-in audio system. Besides doing multimedia work with your computer, you could also use the desk to be a table to read books and magazines, or doing your school homework while listening to a good music.

Two drawers beneath the top would be very useful to store some accessories. If you are into classical design or mid-century and you love music so much, I would gladly recommend this computer and audio desk.
5. Modern Computer Desk – Carbon Grey
There’s nothing can beat the elegance of this black computer desk. You’ll be impressed with the simple and straight-forward desk design. The industrial design and metal construction make this desk a must-have.

The most interesting thing that happens on this desk is the wheels. This desk sits on four wheels which makes it quite portable or easy to move around. So, if you plan to remodel or redesign your office to make it less boring, it’s easier to do.

You can combine this black desk with white elements. But, there’s nothing wrong to keep it all black like I did in the photo. You may call it a black office.[source]

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